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if you arent getting a non-K version why even get a z370 board? kidna waste
GPU or CPU Upgrade for better FPS in CSGO
yes I do like the new ryzen honestly, the multitasking and gaming is crazy. Fps-wise ryzen does perform slightly less than intels, which is understandable due to ryzen is still new, not every game is...
GPU or CPU Upgrade for better FPS in CSGO
totally agree, I had i5 4590k with gtx 750ti , had 300fps capped(could get around 400ish at max) changed to gtx 1060 6gb(fps 300 capped could output more than 750ti but not that much of a different i...
GPU or CPU Upgrade for better FPS in CSGO
i5 8600k - z370 motherboard and ddr4 RAM (Q4'17) if you want the latest it's i5 9600k + z390 and ddr4 ram or wait til ryzen 5 3-series release, I think it will be pretty damn good cpu in the future.
240hz owners come here 18+
LUL at K3k
denmark hockey
poor danish
[+18] My gift to the HLTV members
I fucked my sister in the ass
expected from NA..
iPhone or Android
apple are just way behind with the technology compared to samsung/other brands with androids. Apple at this point in 2018 keeping their flagship phones at 3gb ram.. while any new android-phones atleas...
iPhone or Android
Waiting for Samsung S10
RIP 400k
Can I please have my account unbanned? I want my $400k
who le fuck is ms beast?
Core i7 7700k vs Core i7 8700k
depends on your budget. I mean any of these would work great in games, streaming, multitasking
Core i7 7700k vs Core i7 8700k
7700k is a earlier generation. 8700k is the 2nd latest gen and i7 9700k latest gen for intel in sweden the price in comparison 7700k - 4290kr (could get it cheaper if it's some special day) 8700k - 4...