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who is your oldest living relative?
My great-grandmother 105 years old
Yeah beacause animals usually hangs around forestfires...
Refugees in WC
Sweden has a full Swedish lineup with 3 foreign substitutes who barely gets to play.
Best world war 2 game?
Swedish media.
Does not matter if they are nazis or not. You cant claim that we have a democratic society if you're stopping certain organizations with certain oppinions from demonstrating. Sweden is not a democrati...
By supporting and promoting family ideals with more time off from work seeing as how we have industrialized pretty much every proffession but still somehow we work just as many hours as we did before ...
The indigenous peoples of Europe are dying and you well know this so stop trying to be a smartass.
Illegal immigrants Sweden
Positive but not enough. Time will tell if SD will even touch the question of deportions of long time immigrants and their decendants. Probably not.
Illegal immigrants Sweden
SD will not change anything if they win, jewish controlled fake opposition, better than nothing ofcourse but not enough. They claim that everyone can become swedish and promote integration. NMR is the...
Illegal immigrants Sweden
Or you could stop being a defeatist traitor and start supporting nationalistic organizations.
5 teams disband 100%
don't good but not best (aren't best)
FaZe won't work
Yeah, the new face will destroy. If they only play FPL.
Literally the worst transfer in cs history lmao. Even the fnatic godsent trade was better than this lmao.
Fnatic Golden official
Kjaerby was a solid tier 2 player who was the star of his team - Golden is a bad IGL in tier4.
Fnatic Golden official
In case you missed it fnatic was improving alot lately. They did not even look that bad in the major. Bringing in two mediocre young players with 0 experience in the pro scene is a bad choice 99/100 ...