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I like shooting people on the internet.
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Five Seven or CZ?
I actually think tec-9 on T now. It is stronger than CZ at getting T side picks if u tap fire. 1st bullet is more accurate now. You just can't run and gun like it's an SMG like you used to.
Nas album tonight!!!
Not really, I'd prefer if Nas did an album with DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Large Professor today than Kanye.
Nas album tonight!!!
90s Illmatic beats > Kanyes new ones
Stewie2k LUL
So is stewie, that's the point. So why are you triggered?
Stewie2k LUL
Yea, British ppl understand banter. Your flag checks out also.
Stewie2k LUL
Thoorin's right though. You have to be able to take it if you're gonna dish it out. Thoorin got him back good.
Exactly this.
Most people got tickets for the major in the same venue instead
Salary of a mechanical engineer in your country?
Varies hugely by country, role and company. My Dad is a mechanical design engineer for a packaging company and earns £50k a year. I do engineering maintenance (lower level) at a car factory and earn t...
Toilet cleaners
grow up loser
Country tier list
Hole in the ozone layer giving you cancer. -elo points.
Toilet cleaners
I know you're baiting but I have a lot of respect for people that can stick at a job like that. There's many people who feel above doing a job like that yet are happy to take tax payers money for doin...
Star Wars
Solo wasn't as bad as I was expecting. The worst thing about the movie was Emelia Clarke's character. She bad at acting and I don't like when they cast known actors in Star Wars movies.
Star Wars
It was terrible
GOAT stands for GREATEST. OF. ALL. TIME, ......