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I like shooting people on the internet.
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Communism would be great if humans weren't naturally competitive and self serving. But they are, so give it up because it's just a Utopian fantasy that ends in failure.
I rate your PC
Spent all that money and CPU running at 3.7ghz?
I rate your PC
GPU: 1080ti Hybrid (water cooled, stays cool and quiet under load) CPU: 6700k @4.6ghz H100i cooled RAM: 16gb ddr4 3000mhz Motherboard: Asus Rog Maximus VIII Ranger
Mr. Robot is the best series ever
I understand he’s trying to play the character with social anxiety, I’m not stupid. He just doesn’t pull it off imo.
[+18] Best Pornstar
In 1998 when I was 14 I found a VHS in the woods near my house. The tape was all cut up so me and my friends taped it back together to see what was on it. It was a porno with Nina Hartley. We struck g...
[+18] Best Pornstar
she's hot
[+18] Best Pornstar
Adriana Chechik
Mr. Robot is the best series ever
Because I think it's good... The same as 99% of people that watch it.
Mr. Robot is the best series ever
Watched 3 episodes so far, it's really corny. I can't take Christian Slater's character seriously and the actor that plays Elliot is wooden AF. Story is intriguing though so will keep watching but I d...
Mr. Robot is the best series ever
Maybe I will watch but the 3 seasons got progressively worse review scores so kinda puts me off.
UK teeth again XD
1st of all, Poland wouldn't exist as a country without those brave men, who spent they days in a living hell, dental hygiene wasn't probably top of their list. 07:35 that is silver vs globals http...
Zowie ec2-B or A?
New zowie S2 looks good also.
Denmark is socialist?
Centre left in the UK is the Labour party. Probably further left of Bernie Sanders, who was too far to the left to win the Democratic nomination.
Denmark is socialist?
Socialist means capitalist with some government owned/run industries. Which is Denmark. Are you thinking of communist? That's 100% state owned/run.
Denmark is socialist?
The country's center point is relevant to the general politics of that country. For example, the center-right parties of the UK, Denmark ect, would be considered further left of the US democrats.