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Titan vs NiP
Literally hid and let the NiP-players push up Ramp and kill the guy at site... If only he had killed 1 of them lol.
Titan vs NiP
Shox drops his thoughts on FLUSHA
Syria was like that(without the fundamentalistic religious society). Before the war us Middle Eastern Christians(Suryoyo, Assyria, Chaldeans. Syrianer, Assyrier och Kalderner på svenska) lived in peac...
GPlay vs Rock
Lmfao at the casters hahaha poor them
Your last CRTL-C?
Envys aim on Inferno is just so bad. Fnatic have won like 3 clutches where the player had less then 15 HP lel
fnatic vs Envy
Ehm okey Pronax :P
Dignitas vs VingeN
Lmfao. It was a rumour in the beginning thou. Funny thou how you didn't respond to me when I first wrote that comment lel. ))
Natus Vincere vs Envy
I raged "verbally" when Envy fucked up on that 2V1 vs Karrigan in OT and then the 2V1 you are talking about. :)
Envy vs TSM
Indeed. This is what SLTV did when Taz DC:ed when score was 15-13 to TSM during the SLTV-LAN. Taz DC:ed like 20 secs after the round also began.
Dignitas vs VingeN
It was a REPORT. Basically a rumour. Haven't you seen the new article that HLTV wrote about SK? :) http://www.hltv.org/news/15066-sk-set-to-reveal-new-team
Envy vs Acer
Hahahahaha get rekt Acer-fangays! Lmfao!!! Happy! <3
This shit isn't even funny.
Envy vs Acer
how to derank
Go play FaceIt/CEVO then? Or if you are going to de-rank, play with 4 other people so you don't ruin the game for other people.