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better players yes, but maybe not the same chemestry
http://www.hltv.org/forum/950569-pronax-is-retired-guys You havent been along mate. #newfag
They are not top10 atm, but can get much better yeah. But I dont think they have the motivation and I also dont think that some of the players believes in this team enough.
Not at all, you can see on how he plays 1st halfs compared to 2nd.
dude he has, you didnt follow cs when they started losing as fnatic? before he retired? Thats when he said that
dennis, olofm, flusha, JW, KRIMZ lekr0, twist, REZ, draken, barbarr (hopefully pronax coach) pronax has said it before, when it gets intense and on big stages he becomes shaky because he has som...
flamie is going nuts! flamie is mvp in this tournament
So far the MVP is AdreN, snax or device. Flamie has good stats when they are winning 16-3, ofc he is playing well but its 1.7 rating over 3 maps. AdreN has 1.42 over 6 maps which i would say is better...
It just shows how diffrent majors are from other tournaments. GODSENT dont get very nervous, they just roam around tside with quick and chaos strats. Other teams tend to overthink the situation and ch...
looks like cr7, benzema and bale vs pique, mascherano and busquets. Except its fucking swansea t3 PL offense
3 tier 1 Swedish teams
#1 Fnatic. olofm, schneider, jw, flusha, dennis #2 NiP. f0rest, krimz, getright, pronax, rez #3 GODSENT. doplan, maikelele, schneider, pronax, lekr0
Top ate major
lol cant really put a shitty team like liquid over north, g2 or envy
SK >>> NiP & Fnatic
winrate in finals yeah, but they still went out in groups once and lost in semi another
Top ate major
- liquid +any
50 000 € supercar
Nowadays there is antispin and all that, as long as you dont max throttle surprisingly you wont fool the system, easiest drive is for sure the GTR but maybe SLK is safer when you actually crash? who k...
50 000 € supercar
Mercedes SLK for sure, best pricing and best looking interior by FAR. If not the SLK you could go for a safer card with the mustang, same price but factory new? SLK and Mustang have nice looking an...