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2k on g2
i think this is a good bet tbh. i dont think highly of Faze.- but then again... Niko have been very bad for a long time in my opinion
Top 20 players of 2020: Introduction
Dupreeh have been amazing! he is for sure in top 10. probly nr 6-7
BIG vs G2
I dont get how G2 can lose this? i dont think Big is a good team, but G2 have amazing players? i really think G2 have sick players, but how do they lose? bad strats?
Astralis vs NIP
We have tried to find a song from today. It sounds a lot like avicii NIP played vs Astralis - and there came a song with lyrics like _: sun is shining and it feels so good. people smiling in the ne...
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
Hahaha i Think not 😂👍
FURIA vs Astralis
Woah... Why are All such morons? Yes astralis had an amazing era and were dominating everyone!. Everything has to come to an end. You cant always be the best... Look at your life... Its probobly b...
Astralis vs ENCE
Well... Doesnt matter really 🤔. They are the best in the World for Nuke and the best in the World and have been for a Long time. So if people say they are bad .. then they must be very salty, becau...
Astralis vs ENCE
Woah.... Well... Will you Ever belive nip Will win against astralis 🤔?
Astralis vs BIG
Well sorry im quite busy.. got a lot of stuff to do.
Astralis vs BIG
Have been attending an expensive sports school for a while so yes... i havnt seen csgo for a long time
Astralis vs BIG
Glad to see Nex again. He were insane back then with mouz. He really got some sick skill. sadly i havnt had time to see him play for big yet. and yet im astralis fan, so i hope astralis win.
Astralis vs ex-3DMAX
0/8 =) ?
Astralis vs ex-3DMAX
God i love people who are haters at Astralis because they have been wrecking all.. Pathetic people.. Yes Astralis lost 3 matches in row, so what? They can easily come back, they are the worlds best...
BIG vs Spirit
Hope Nex will rape them :D.
I guess your CS rank
5000. 1,6+ source no 22 Denmark Astralis, Device