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best rapper of your country ? Read the lyrics though.
Meanwhile in France
French governement are cucks*
He's right though.
Euro 2016 standard
He goes for the ball, there was a fool for sure, but it wasn't intentional. Not an unsporting manner like the hand by Eder for example.
Euro 2016 standard
CR7 is actually the only one who deserved to lift that trophy. You can see his passion and love for the game. Only player in the Portuguese team who plays football instead of making us fall asleep.
Euro 2016 standard
Remind me how many world cups Portugal won please? Oh yeah, that's what I thought ROFL. Pls third world, stay where you belong.
Euro 2016 standard
^this. Most boring team of the competition. Hell without that retarded rule of 24 teams out of the groups, they would have been eliminated.
Euro 2016 standard
You shouldn't win the Euro but the oscars bro
Indeed :D
I agree so much to that. Funny how when police gets attacked, nobody talks about it, but when an accident like here (because yes it was, he just throws it on the floor), well everyone is like "omg fuc...
No shit. That's exactly what I said, these people are idiots. Anyway, what's the link between that and being a 3rd world country? None. So you're stupid, but hey, expected from people on hltv.
"3rd world country" Says portuguese. Lol.
Idiots who think protests are a reason to break things because they're low life cunts.
You don't even know what's going on, so shut up.
CS:GO on GTX 970
Well it only happens in CS:GO. My gtx 970 is only used around 30% in-game so that's probably the reason. I also have the same fps no matter what graphic options I choose. Still the gtx 970 is a ver...