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S1mple's haircut
yeah, million roubles is really not a lot, he saving money for skins BTW, his haircut doesn't look bad to me
hi starladder
I think they drank too much vodka over the past 3 days and forgot that they are running a major
Zeus strats
zeus rage and dont buy gun playing with glock, gg navi lose men
76 kills 37-33
76 kills in 37-33 minutes of deathmatch are pretty noob men. What rank?
Your sad song
bruh on mibr
I bet 2 bruhs on NiP, that's all I got. Lost 7 bruhs on Na`Vi :<
To be honest every single major has had its own flaws.
How can you not like thorin, he is definitely more fun than sgares and pimp with his banter. No offences to those two, they definitely know their stuff, but they kind of seem to try too hard/are too s...
My pick'ems are safe how about yours?
G2, mousesports, NRG and North are through, just need Vitality to win tomorrow.
Bad k/d excuses
"I'm still tilted from the last game"
this /\ +1
5/5 pick em ?
Agree with all apart from Forze going 3-0 and intz bombing out 0-3, I believe INTZ either will fail to qualify with two wins or just barely advance.
shut up fiflaren
mens shut up you have no rights of questioning nor taking away what he has achieved at that time. It's not always about raw skill as you can see, they still made it work through sacrifices and chemist...
Khabib Nurmagomedov in your bed
Khabib Nurmagomedov in your bed
choke him like mr.ginger whiskey got choked