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mousesports vs Heroic
Lost against 5 USPs ROFL This mouz team is a joke. Lets see how long they want to continue like that.
SMASH vs mousesports
How can you not get tilted playing in that mouz team? Losing so many rounds with advantages. Its ridiculous.
Astralis vs BIG
Natus Vincere vs G2
Guardian still sucks. Time to follow Zeus.
m1x vs NiP
oh random team just choking right before going to LAN :D
Vitality vs NiP
If Zywoo doesnt drop 30 bombs this team is just trash lol
Germany COME!!!
Going into that stupid debate. According to YOU he said its because of the game and you say its not. Its useless to talk to you about it because you dont even understand the base statement from that g...
Germany COME!!!
He exactly achieved what he wanted with his statement. People like you going mental over nothing.
Germany COME!!!
Because the game is about terrorism as well? rofl No one is gonna ban anything. This debate is going on for years and nothing happened. They just want to make excuses for their own failures.
Germany COME!!!
If you dont know what it means be quiet. He just said "he looked like someone from CS." He didnt say its because of the game.
The germany shooting today
Only because its a common thing in the US it doesnt mean its for other countries as well.
Your ally?
Vitality vs mousesports
How is this even possible to lose round this like :D
Vitality vs mousesports
Mouz is such a joke team. The way they are losing rounds is hilarious.
Astralis vs Vitality
Simple has at least electronic who occasionally puts up good performances but Zywoo has no one. Zywoo isnt just better than the rest of the team. He is playing on a whole different level.