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lol what a downfall. rip.
Spirit vs Vitality
"We need invites for tournaments because we cant qualifier." - NBK
Forsaken 2.0?????
I doubt he would "expose" himself with a blatant and meaningless kill like that. You would be really dumb to do that. Just lucky.
Faze Tarik?
In what universe would Niko accept instructions from a peanut?
Vitality vs NoChance
Free Zywoo. He is already too good for this washed up roster.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
If Niko wants to win something he needs to leave Faze and join a team with a decent IGL. Kicking Karrigan wouldnt solve the problems. The whole line up is just names. Except Niko there is no top 10 pl...
Astralis vs mousesports
The way chrisj plays banana looks like classic MM. Peeking every fucking round being a free kill. Wp.
Cloud9 vs mousesports
"Lets play A retake but no one buys a smoke and kit, okay bois?
mousesports vs MIBR
oskar bot, chrisj tilt again. Typical mouz :D
Syman vs x6tence Galaxy
Oh right before qualifying for LAN they lose. What a shocker. But I guess they made enough money with these "underdog wins".
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
Bringing back STYKO is the downfall of this mouz roster. They obviously not gonna achieve anything with this roster, so what then? Kicking STYKO again? This team is done.
OpTic vs Vitality
Rpk, nbk and happy are just too washed up. No way this Team gonna be succesful.
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
Kinda crazy that pros dont know the timings. 5 secs into the round dead because jumping around with a knife. LOL
BIG vs Fragsters
GOB B aka mastermind cant even beat a team like Fragsters. HAHA Overrated shit.
mousesports vs Space Soldiers
SS are the definition of onliners.