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s1mple w/o cheats
"who can stop s1mple?" Eleague anti-cheat OMEGALUL
shroud jealous
Saying CS made shroud is about as retarded as saying halo made ninja. PUBG made shroud the huge streamer he is today.
At the end of the day its just business. CSGO made him a lot of money. He made a lot of money for valve and TOs too. If he wants to talk shit then thats his choice. Its really not that serious.
So because he got big playing CSGO he should forever just suck the devs dicks? They let this game die by making shitty decisions. Mostly not making decisions at all lets be real and just doing nothin...
Liquid nearly 2-1 astralis
Nuke was really not that close. They started CT and won both pistols. Its pretty much guaranteed a close game at that point. Astralis was much better than them on nuke.
Trash9 that just destroyed all the overrated teams at the major and made them choke nice logic.
I dont know what thorin said but probably not LUL
Major is harder to win than any other event. Ask SK they havent even been to a major final in almost 2 years. Respect gambit pls.
I dont think faze fans should be talking shit about teams choking. Literally the biggest finals chokers out there.
Faze worst fan base confirmed?
What???? Of course it matters. c9 fans didnt talk shit because they won a couple matches. They won the fucking major they deserve to talk shit.
Faze worst fan base confirmed?
Winning the major. Winning one map in a groupstage. No difference at all btw.
Im not sure they care. Probably just thankful for faze choking. SK was not a fluke btw they are trash now even worse with boltz.
This so much. Its funny seeing all the hate towards c9 when all they did was play their normal game in the finals. If FaZe actually shows up even 70% they win easily. Blame them for choking lmao.
No Sk, no big boss
stfu about SK no one cares they didnt qualify.