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Every month... Lmao, there is not a terror attack in Europe every month. Closing the border won't work, since THEY ARE ALREADY HERE. They live in ghettos and get radicalised by imams across EU. We nee...
ESL - TSM drama
Luminosity got their points from their KeyD time. If they should, so should TSM.
ESL - TSM drama
Problem is that TSM did not get their points from their time in Dignitas. The new Dig lineup has points which is rightfully TSM's. If you add these points to TSM, which they should have in the first p...
Your rank, education and monthly income?
DMG, University Student, get about 685 euros from the state for studying every month.
Its not that different. Norwegian is actually very close to danish, and swedish is somewhat as well.
Actual top 8
0/10 bad joke
WTF is wrong with this community?
Not really.. The cancer of the community are cheaters and toxic players. Not some random guy who trolls in Twitch chat.
TSM finally TOP 1
You must be ignorant if that's what you really believe. TSM have been at least top 5 consistently in over a year now. Who's to say they cannot evolve and get better, without them being a gimmick team?...
TSM finally TOP 1
I can though. TSM beat Na'Vi TWICE at FaceIt, knocking them out of the tournament.
TSM vs NiP
Where are the French teams? Oh.. Nvm
Denmark, Sweden or Stay in UK?
He will still benefit from the higher wages the unions create.
Denmark, Sweden or Stay in UK?
Well I'm from Aarhus and live in Aalborg.. I think it's safe to say that it isn't hard in Aarhus. They keep building new ones as well as the areas around the University, there are a lot of empty appar...
Denmark, Sweden or Stay in UK?
In Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, etc. it isn't a problem at all to find an appartment though. And there, things aren't nearly as expensive as in Copenhagen.
Denmark, Sweden or Stay in UK?
Well, life in Denmark is pretty sweet. Even if you're unemployed, you can get up to 10k DKK a month from the state. Jobs pay pretty well, and we have lots of unions actively trying to get the wages up...