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Asteralis device should be removed asap
Makes no sense to remove anyone from Astralis - they are probaly the best 5 players in denmark atm. Karrigan is experienced and together with zonic I am sure they can develop some new strategies /...
The CS LEGEND(S) of your country
haha, ye. aNa, contE, mkou etc.. hated those guys on cb.se/fi :O)
The CS LEGEND(S) of your country
EraZ KK Majestic eGene cozmoz zonic urban torM StarHydra calcer xD arjon drally Crashjack MuGGz VicoN morf4r arcadion wazorn rubiano xD lancelot iVER_uRT xhofa xD
Most successful person from your country ?
Lord Bendtner
Top Players in Low teams
turkizh : dakarma
Natosphinx's team has been disqualified since the admins found lekr0 guilty of cheating in the final. There will be a new final between Reason Gaming and Team Sharkgaming.
Denmark, Sweden or Stay in UK?
It depends on ur work - I work fulltime and get around 35k/3350£/4700€ before taxes etc. :o)
TOP-10 Players in your Country
Danish Dreamteam
christian frede thomas søren jannick
Make a top team with players
søren frede thomas christian jannick
TF2 or CoD
serious sam best
de_nuke changes
just make it like 1.6 nuke with the downstair passage in yard from csgo :o)
Topic: CSGO Scouting
none of the danish players mentioned is anywhere near aneee's level... except for maybe Snappi.
How'd you meet your girlfriend?
I found her in the kitchen :-)
Five 1.6 players you miss the most in GO?
xpozer azl gux danzer basic aneee zarnix kaas