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Metal/Rock Bands :) Send me some songs/bands :)
Bad Omens is a relatively new band, their album sounds a lot like Sempiternal from BMTH. Northlane's last 2 albums have been with a new vocalist. The old one had better lows but the new one has really...
Metal/Rock Bands :) Send me some songs/bands :)
Since you seem to like some Metalcore, I will mention some of the bands on my playlist: Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, blessthefall, Bury Tomorrow, A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside, Ice Nine Kill...
Disrespectful Immortals
Tabsen and BIG does the same thing, but you rage about Immortals doing it? Insecure retards on hltv and reddit, Immortals are awesome.
i5 in 2k17 LuL
Its' either CSGO that's an unoptimized piece of shit, or other software on the pc's. They have brand new i7's and 1080's.
i5 in 2k17 LuL
They are using i7 you retard, and i5 is just as good as i7 for gaming.
CS_Summit Arena?
Only in CSGO would people complain about The Summit events, mongoloid creatures ZzZzz.. It's a chill and laidback event, it's one of hte most enjoyable events to watch.
First of all: Doing 30 reps is idiotic, why are you doing 30 reps of leg press for 1 set, you might as well just go on a run or something, it's purely cardio. Second of all: It really doesn't make ...
80kg leg press lol, what are you, a woman?
ScreaM overrated
Maybe read up on how the hltv rating system works. :)
ScreaM overrated
He had a better rating than Shox when G2 were winning tournaments, Shoxie overrated? :thinking:
The Deagle meta
I 100x prefer Deagle over Tec9 and 5-7 Run and Gun. Atleast it takes skills to use the deagle.
Fuck off
Khabib vs Tony
Don't think they can find a relevant opponent in time, none of the top lightweights can make 155 in time, it would have to be at catchweight and UFC don't really gain anything from that. : / This ...