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theres a reason physicists on average have a higher iq then mathmaticians! (its only about 5 points tho, so not even a standard deviation)
18+ small=smart?
Actually there is a link between testical size and brain size , they are inversely proportional:
Ask her for clubbing
thats exactly what i was thinking, his english is terrible
PhD in physics AMA
What do neutrons decay into?
My boyfriend went gay
Its threads like this that give hltv a bad name 0/8
Would I beat Conor Mcgregor in a fight?
Sorry mate conor would wipe the floor with you. He knows how to fight, which when faced against someone who may be bigger and stronger still means he will win 99% of the time. I did MMA in uni and am...
Did flusha cheat?
Flusha definately cheated in the past, its so obvious when you watch those old clips, his play recently was not cheating tho
ass clean ritual
yes bidet is good to use, but if you dont have one soak your toilet paper in water and clean your asshole that way much more hygenic
Math help
IF you are interested in the code for finding it in python: for a in range(1, 132): b = (807-(6*a))/7 if b%1 == 0: print(a , b)
Math help
what code did you use to find the answer? im interested,
Best fruit?
Cherimoya is the best! try them!
new financial system
where did u get ure information from? I thought that bitcoin was against the elites because there is no central bank or centralization of the currency, the power is in the owners hands??