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gla1ve cheating
LMAO it all makes sense now
VP fix
pasha destroys nt. they need a coach who actually understands how peeking playing ingame situation etc works in csgo
playing csgo, a pretty random game -> complain about an actual skill based player
CS GO 200 IQ
this guy doesnt know what he's talking about, machine learning as it currently stands will never catch anything else then pretty blatent cheaters. server side demos are way too bad.
Worst update ever! :)
it would be great to get better hitreg again (maybe a comination of client side and current server side hitreg), it doesnt have to be new guns. some more (good) maps would be great though. also maybe ...
Worst update ever! :)
well fortnite tries to stay on top with a looot of updates and an actual build in anti-cheat. dota2 gets a ton of updates aswell
Worst update ever! :)
if you talk about csgo, valve didnt made it. if you talk about 1.6, valve didnt invent it. all they did is milking. people just want to play a first person shooter and CS is a big name
Worst update ever! :)
more poeple play = valve has less incentive to change something, cause they think it's popular
Just kick kjaerbye from CS
i think everyone just hopes for the random headshot, most pros seem to tap first though
LUL cs is random AM I SURPRISED?!
Just kick kjaerbye from CS
i think he just has a general idea of how the bullets will randomize, while this might be only a feeling, i don think it matters much since spraying is not vialbe anymore anyway, as you can see with p...
cs is random man you gotta deal with it. when they play 100 times navi would still win like 76 times but really you would expect a skill based game to be more like 99 times in this case
Just kick kjaerbye from CS
you dont seem to realize that inspite of a general pattern, bullets are still randomized. he just tries to maximize his chance of hitting.
Bolsonaro best president
wtf =D
mx brown vs mx red
red is pretty boring, too easy to press and generally just feels like a good rubber dome keyboard