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Poor Stewie :(
while I do think he is kinda gifted, it only underline the point of hard work being irrelevant. this guy is toxic as fuck, if ocean didnt grant him a spot in the upper levels of US counter strike he w...
france wat doink?
that is up to debate. Disclaimer: I dont have hard data for that. - only hints. In Germany, children from turks and arabs do much worse in school (~30 get "abitur" compared to ~55% for others) than ot...
france wat doink?
People who claim that France is African dont mean it in a geographical way, rather in a ethnic and cultural one. I am not here to judge about the self induced extinction of gaellic and germanic cultur...
france wat doink?
I took Paris as an example as it is the absolute economic and cultural centre of France, also there is clear data on Paris in the article. I am aware that rural France is less affected by migration, t...
france wat doink?
apparently some poeple
france wat doink?
nobody is forced to leave anywhere, it is just a matter of accepting facts
france wat doink? in paris, >40% of children are foreign. that doesnt account for children which parents are of foreign heritage, but born in france. coupled with lo...
france wat doink?
cuz demographics, there will be less native french than native arabs /berbers in few years
200M Dead :o
look at this thread, biden did something wrong and left wingers are defending him HAHAHAHA
Poland: Brazil best brows
+1 germans largely died out though, it is insane. all started with inviting gastarbeiter to stay lel
sounds very promising lmao
cig + coffee = best breakfast?
thats true, but it should only happen to already damaged minds