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Open letter to Thorin
Agreed. Thorin is rude, obnoxious and cringeworthy. He isn't funny (ever, no matter how hard he tries - insulting other people is a poor form of humour), he makes every panel he is on awkward. What...
If Allu......
I was gonna suggest 'using imperialism to destroy his country and its neighbours', then I realised he wasn't from the Middle East. So I was gonna say 'supported brutal dictators who helped US regional...
Thoorin entering Dota 2 scene
Thank god, he can go spread his cancer somewhere I won't see it.
New HLTV design
I miss HLTV.6
Why do people dislike Thoorin?
He's a moron who knows much less than he thinks he does, is much less funny than he thinks he is, and is generally just a cancer at every event he attends.
Hence why I said it's not precisely correct. Guess I didn't find it funny, sorry :/
Why is that funny? Sure, it's not precisely correct, but it's pretty obvious what he means. 24hour time is basic shit.
10v10 Competitive?
I would like to see stuff like this. The game should have showcase events like this, maybe before/after bigger lans, or as online special events. Not every game needs to be a serious 5v5 league match....
thooorin tweet funny
Thorin is fucking trash. Shouldn't be allowed near an event. Worthless analyst.
I like Izak, would like to see him stream more in English sometime :)
no skins no skills
How they played is irrelevant to him because they're only X number on his list, and his list is more important than actual results. This is the problem with him. He deliberately acts like an asshol...
Nope, I don't always disagree, but even when he's right, he presents his views arrogantly and makes little effort to include the opinions of others. Every other host would be preferable. Thoorin's w...
SK gaming
They formed the team but they've already been kicked by the org. That would be the traditional SK way