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Torqued vs subtLe
Ez for Throwqued
Torqued vs Etherian
AZK and steel - i hope they will get some beer from Etherian for that game ;)
Quantum Bellator Fire vs l4nd0dg3
Throw AF. I hope somebody will check their steam linked acc's on bet services :)
VP disband pls
They're sooooo freaking bad xD 11:2 -> 13:15 xD soon 13:16 xD
Astralis 2-0 VP giveaway
Ty for ez skins https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=141959177&token=Fh1ZUwmh
VP won tournament
True. VP shown some good CS but they've always had one problem : lack of stability :)
ss rival 100 users
+1 Personally i've got 300 CS:Go edition for like 8months and it's working fine + very good adjust into hand
Love the way you cry.... Year ago nobody heard about most of this guys and VP are legends. Irregular but still. Go home Favela ;) learn respect :)
virtus pro cheating more than ever?
All of sudden after dozens of " Vp.throw/virtus thrash " etc u say " VP cheating". 3 of them are playing since times when TACO was making shit under him and ur crying cheaters .... Yeap :) Seems legit
snax underrated ?
How can Snax be underrated if he had the best k/d stats in Majors lately . Now flusha has better i think :)
Poland vs Sweden
Classic : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXh1sKkcYb8
In my opinion Pasha deserve TOP9 if not even higher. Although his last weeks were shaky as fk in the 1st half of the year he was beast :) not only about Katowice but CPH Games , Gfinity or online matc...
VP Played so good yesterday, what happened?
Edit : they wanted to play but not win :) I think Cs Go Lounge should check their accounts :)
VP Played so good yesterday, what happened?
I doubt that you've watched yesterday matches :) Then do this, and realise that they didn't wanted to play it at all :) That's all.
Neo vs. fnatic - YOLOPLAY
snax got serious illness after Paris :)