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that was my reaction when I read his post, smh. The inbreds are only in the south tbh
Best headset, keyboard and mouse for cs go?
sad to hear that, but you can always get something new a few years
i5 2500k(not o.c) + gtx 650 ti 2gb CSGO.
my eyes dont see in fps bc im not a computer
Best headset, keyboard and mouse for cs go?
the 598s are by far better sounding than any headset on the market, please dont get lured in by marketing for gamer headsets.
Best headset, keyboard and mouse for cs go?
the 598's will sound coniderably better than the m50s. Unless you need sound isolation getting open headphones will give you better sound and a better soundstage.
Best headset, keyboard and mouse for cs go?
all headsets are terrible compared to what you can get for the same price via buying headphones an a mic.
NA military
I'm not sure how powerful aircraft carriers are tbh, vs developed nations anti ship missiles would be pretty hard to deal with on a mass scale. Certainly an advantage but I'm not sure they would matte...
NA military
tfw the US spends more on its military than Norways GDP
NA military
glad you also have a brain, unlike most hltv users lol
NA military
NATO buddy, close thread stop making fellow burgers look bad
NA military
btw the % of the gdp that US military spending represents is at its lowest since ww2. People forget that the US has by far the biggest economy so we spend more on everything because we have fat stacks...
Niko is nazi toxic racist
+666 as well LOL
Niko is nazi toxic racist
everyone is a pussy sjw nowadays rip
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actually a terrible meme
Guardian girlfriend