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Bussdriver is Black. AMA
If you're not a girl and/or looking like a goat, you won't have any problems with them.
LMAO she looks like a botox version of Ariana Grande.
Russia in the waters of the Baltic Sea
"We have no information about the sunken warships close to our borders" "It wasn't us, we swear."
erdogan vs boehmermann
Yes but I guess it wouldn't be funny with the actual translation?
erdogan vs boehmermann Here you have raw footage of "coldbolddold" meeting with his friends while listening to erdogan.
erdogan vs boehmermann
erdogan vs boehmermann
ERDOGAN LIKE (taken from /r/de)
Russia in the waters of the Baltic Sea
It's like some child "begging" to be punched in the face ... and after that ends up saying "he hit me first".
Norway = pussies ?
I married mum's best pal in same-sex wedding – and then things got REALLY complicated
kebab flames about -rep
nt, but no1 would ever think or say that turkey is the best or even a good country.
"i am arab and i love hitler and i love the german nazis of 1933. i dont like the so called "neonazis", but the real old nazis are the best men of the world. long live the reich." -youssefmk87
Sexist jokes
Why do men have big feet? I don't know. ayyyy
Immigrants are like sperm
Dunno, not a shitty country, but the polaks are simply blinded by their religion and their heavy catholic bias. Double standards like saying "religions are evil, look at muslims" and on the other sid...
Immigrants are like sperm
In australia? It's not like that in germany atleast. Most homeless people here are from east europe, many of them are crippled too. Sad thing is that they can't even keep the money. They're brought...
Immigrants are like sperm
Dunno, did you have meet a polak on any internet forum who wasn't behaving like this? I've only seen one so far and I'm pretty sure he was fakeflagging. Hopefully the new PiS starts building walls a...