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G2 vs BIG
Rip man. I'll drop you a coin when i see on a street
Big Mac menu price in your country
Big Mac burger + Drink (Med/Large) + Fries (Med/Large)
endgame prediction
Scene where ant-man stands infront of a big window talking about how beautiful the world looks now with peaceful music playing on a background and then getting 100 rockets to his face was sick tho.
Endgame 97% rotten tomatoes
Avengers: Endgame was ok But way to childish and way too many jokes throughout the movie. The previous one set quite a cool dark tone and they decided say fuck to that by adding a lot of jokes. Secon...
All 3 Freddyfrog, Relaxa and Djs are brothers? Why and how dafuq they look same
FaZe vs Heroic
Who dafuq watch cricket anyway, lol.
Hellraisers: -HObbit +nukkye
Good pickup and rip maikelelele again
Virtus.pro vs Sprout
Round over - Winner: CT (9 - 8) - Bomb defused mirbit defused the bomb mirbit killed byali with ump45 mirbit killed Sobol with ump45 (headshot) mirbit + faveN (assist) killed snatchie with ump45 Sobol...
Epsilon vs Nemiga
Round over - Winner: T (9 - 7) - Enemy eliminated lollipop21k killed CRUC1AL with usp_silencer (headshot) lollipop21k + Jyo (assist) killed Surreal with usp_silencer lollipop21k planted the bomb (1on2...
if ago win
Valiance vs AGO
That rotation was so stupid indeed.
North vs AVANGAR
last movie You've watched
Alita Was quite okay 7.5/10
DETONA vs WePlayGames
CS:GO is down. They can't play :d
forZe vs x6tence Galaxy
1.31 on forze against shittiest swed team at the moment? Free money