wtf are you want dude?
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socialism won today
We'll see, thanks for discussing. I have finals on monday that this has been postponing hard :d now I'm off
socialism won today
They were so small back then that I sincerely doubt a lot of them remember that, that much. It's not like they were in the parliament. According to this it rather seems like the voters of SD are betwe...
socialism won today
Damn, who would've thought that "now" and 25 years ago would be in the same. It's the difference from me being here writing to you and me not being born. All of those people not being in the party any...
socialism won today
I've read it, and it still doesn't nearly prove that SD is a racist party today. These are all years before SD was anything. The first election after the latter years that were talked about they got ...
socialism won today
Or you could be a realist. That actually reads up on facts and form their own opinion instead of reiterating MSM. It's such an issue where it's blatant that people don't know why they're racists, and ...
socialism won today
Don't even need to compare Nazism to Communism for the numbers. Mao > Nazism as it is. So let's be more concerned about the swedish communist party shall we, if you wanna discuss it like that.
socialism won today
I'm still not catching on as to how SD are racist? If you're racist, you're out, like someone else already stated before I entered the conversation. They are not racist, it's just as easy as that. The...
socialism won today
Want to compare death toll between Nazism and Communism or what? I'd say Sweden were quite unscathed from WW2, it's not like we're Poland. At the end of the line, if you ask someone that are able to ...
socialism won today
Oh and we haven't even started going down the rabbit hole with Swedens truly leftist/communist party called Vänsterpartiet. But communism has never hurt anyone, so it's fine. And there's 0 stigma towa...
socialism won today
With all due respect, I still don't know why you are discussing swedish politics when you seem to be so out of touch with it. And I don't blame you, I wouldn't discuss NLD politics with you since you ...
socialism won today
Please don't comment about swedish politics since you seem to be another indoctrinated sheep. Okay, so the party was complete shit in the beginning? Does that mean it can't change? If you're so intere...
Fitguy in 2k19 on his 50th account, LUL.
Your birthday
Feelgoodsman, took me almost a year to find you.
Batalion 1944
I sure hope so, for their sake lol.