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I'm just a young guy who's playing Counter Strike, and i really like the skins idea - but i think they are slowly destroying CS:GO Competitive Scene.

I'm listening to old music, but i like new bands too - if they're good. I like music from psychodelic rock, through Power Metal to Black Metal. My Favorite band is Pink Floyd - but i like bands like Blind Guardian and Immortal too :D

Games? Mostly RPG's, but i like every genre.

Favorite: CS:GO, The Elder Scrolls Series, Gothic Series (excluding 3, and newer titles), Test Drive Unlimited, Space Engineers, Baldur's Gate and Pillars of Eternity.
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Best metal band from your country?
Netherlands? psh. Epica and Carach Angren
Best metal band from your country?
Behemoth for sure, but they are many others that are on behemoth's "goodness" level. Mgla, Furia, etc.
ez 500 frames
go for zowie mionix steelseries (rival only) any other good brand? jesus do some research xd
theres bug exploit - you can lock the hammer on left and oneclick all enemies. my team exploited it and played nothing but revolver, had straight 20-4 or 5
144 hz placebo
lowest cap = 60 ;(
144 hz placebo
you are not seeing your life in "FPS", period.
144 hz placebo
0/420 bait xD
London Conspiracy vs Epsilon
welcome back polly ;)
fnatic vs
paasha 1v3 <3
Best CS:GO mouse?
Steelseries Rival, 100 for Claw, 300 for Palm
New map de_sanatorini
omg xD
New map de_sanatorini
i love how this guy is encouraging others to discuss in his retarded thread while showing arguments like "because yes" or answering the first guy "i can do better" without any prove, hltv on it's best...
izakooo 100+k
am, ok - i didnt knew about that, thank you :)
izakooo 100+k
noo, i mean cause they are like everywhere, everywhere im going im meeting other poles. and ive seen the topic where number of players from each country were showed, i think maybe even valve posted it...
izakooo 100+k
maybe i took it too strong, but really, in cologne, in cluj-napoca - there are EVERYWHERE polish fans on tournaments where V.P play, when im playing mm there are more poles than russkis. hltv seem to ...