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Hltv forums are cancer, needs to be removed
Sure is.
Introducing de_nowalls
It only works on maps that package their own custom models, so only really cache. But yeah, free undetectable wh on cache.
Introducing de_nowalls
1. Play game by small indie company 2. Make map with bugged prop_static 3. Play official map 3. Engine commits harikari
Is SHOX cheating?
He's a known cheater: http://www.esl.eu/de/player/3976832/
TSM vs ttc
Good old dukiii http://www.esl.eu/de/player/3976832/ These kids are so obvious.
mousesports vs FlipSid3
Did you just +1 yourself. Wow.
mousesports vs FlipSid3
Why did CW forfeit, didn't catch what he said on stream?
Proof http://www.esl.eu/de/csgo/ui/versus/match/3992925
Nope, esl wire banned in Go back in January. He's a known cheater, hellraisers just doesn't give a shit.
2 Digit Steam ID
There haven't many low digit steam id's sold in public. There's one here: http://www.sythe.org/steam-sales/527130-3-digit-steam-id-4-sale.html Low 3 digit, he says he sold it for 520 usd. A low 2 ...
NBK - Can HLTV Confirm ?
This just in, peoples real personality show when not interacting in person. More at eleven.
Paul "RedEyE" Chaloner Caster
I find him supremely annoying. Constantly misreading the situation, shouting over n0thing, generally seems like he has little knowledge of CS:GO.
Competetive Cooldown is Broken
I'm on 400 wins, and I have need gotten a competitive cooldown. Odds are that you are the one at fault.
A lot of pros have been getting DDoS'ed. People seem to forget when LDLC kept getting DDoS'ed every match. A NIP player got DDoS'ed in a very recent match too I believe. But yeah, it's stupid that ...