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Best dog breed for depressed person
None. You shouldn't get a dog for helping with your depressions. However, get a random mix from an animal shelter. These tend to be healthier than any breed.
Rate Twistzz GF
And one day folks you'll figure out you need to get to know a girl first in order to truly find her hot (or not). #whiteknight
Car advice?
Ever considered taking a bike?
Car advice?
VW Diesels still have good value around Europe, unless the nearby cities enforce Diesel related driving restrictions. Basically the US penalized VW for their VW 2.0TDI engines emitting much higher amo...
Fattest CS:GO team
Pretty much every single German team.
I Rate ur Car
Opel Astra J Sports Tourer 2015, 103KW but probably selling it within the next 3 years to go for a hybrid of similar size, perhabs Toyota.
Car advice?
Don't go for a car if you have to finance 3000£. You'll spend at least 1000£ a year for garage services, especially for an older car and if you have to deal with a major repair, it can go far higher t...
cook beef? Fu
ASTRALIS/EU HAHA ?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
EG is pretty strong right now and it's no shame for Astralis to them in two tight maps. At the end of the day it comes down to consistency.
Ever thought about price negotiations? Coldzera is still under contract for MIBR, thus FaZe will have to be willed to pay what's necessary to buy him out of there.
that's deep, literally
Faceit mouse lags :(
First of all by adding -high to CSGO's startup parameters. You may lower faceit AC's priority each time per task manager, but I would suggest you to get an application named 'Process Lasso' instead. O...
Faceit mouse lags :(
Fairly low amount of possible errors there... Maybe try updating your USB drivers and setting m_rawinput to 1 within CS in case you haven't already. Additionally you could set Faceit AC's priority low...
Faceit mouse lags :(
Which mouse are you using?
Lose weight
Giving good advice is tough with only rare information given. However, keeping it super general, it should be fairly possible. However, you'll probably end up losing a slight bit of muscle. Eventually...