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Map Pool Sucks
Best Pool Map is fy_pool_day Have a nice day!
In general, all electronics are more expensive in Europe. Basically, MSRP are just for NA region. Also it's the matter of local support (simply we don't have local branch in each country, it wouldn't ...
380€ that's almost half of normal salary here
Same shit here, prices are just ridiculous
cool read but I highly doubt about that statue being the only one dedicated to foreign country, especially in central-european cultural space where we (small nations) were used to ask others to help u...
Russia Banned from Sports
+1899 +1904 +1914 +1918 +1937 +1939 +1953 +1956 +1968 +1979 +1982 +1992 +1999 +2014
Football come here
wow if you think this is funny then I feel bad for yourself
greta thunberg?????
go buy yourself something nice, like gas or smokes
greta thunberg?????
I mean if you're poor ukrainian/serbian student with no other choice it's kinda ok to get your 5€ for trolling posts on social media. But you should rather think about why is your government shit and ...
greta thunberg?????
because you get paid for writing shit about her?
I Touched Church Girl
did you read her bible?
Best water?
Yeah I didn't said that. But if you're cool with having plastic guts then it's okay I guess.
Best water?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microplastics Do your research.
Best water?
don't worry you're eating tons of microplastics already
Apple vs xiaomi
there should be some vocaroo contest for people saying that brand name