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Karrigan was the problem, but niko as igl is not the solution.
Feel bad 4 NiKo
Niko should never be igl, hes terrible at it.
Why is Russia in Europe
Most of the population is in europe though.
i want to learn JAVA
Reading up on it you seem to be right, but I do not understand how. Java does not have access to memory, its very securely limited. How could it act as a cheat?
i want to learn JAVA
You need to learn how to read. It is written in Kotlin and Java. Java itself cannot be used for cheats.
i want to learn JAVA
You cant code cheats in java.
If dev2ce is first
You know an ip ban is pointless right?
Young KennyS VS Zywoo
There is no proof of that.
-styko +who
Hes been playing well.
UK come here
Making trade deals while within the CU.
UK come here
You would need to be very ignorant if you think there have been trade deals made before the we leave the EU.
UK come here
Well I think you are very confused. The transition period exists for us to create trade deals if we leave the CU during it. Some MP's have said other countries have suggested we can keep the same tr...
UK come here
We are legally not allowed to until we leave the CU. The CU is the combination of certain countries in order to gain an advantage for trade deals. So individually anyone in the CU cannot make a trade ...
UK come here
UK has no new trade deals, but they will make them.
UK come here
50% decrease of the trade they do with the UK, but we only make up about 14% of their trade. So dropping to 7% is bad, but nothing they cannot deal with. Also since they have made new trade deals with...