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most beautiful country
it's nice on the countryside but i found Oslo quite dull somehow. skiing trip was beautiful. i'm more of an always-sunny guy anyway.
Contact Light vs SKADE
more like stack of 3-4k elo
Gambit vs Heroic
over 4.5 @2.9 ez thanks for competetive finals
Nordavind vs XSET
milf zaaz > rabbit face
What Valorant did better than CS
you can always refund if you don't like it , and it's not in their interest to let you make money off of their free game. they are the ones making money from consumers. we are quite spoiled with steam...
What Valorant did better than CS
decent skins in CS start at about 5-10 euros aswell. obviously some exceptions but you have to consider valorant skins are permanent and "best" knifes cost like 40-50$, compared to like 300$ for a dec...
What Valorant did better than CS
price is great compared to cs:go's skins price. best knife in valo is like 50$, reg high grade skins 20-30$, so i'd say they're fairly well priced and affordable considering they're permanent. you wo...
Heroic vs NIP
if ztr can kill more than 10 people in this series nip could stand a chance. looks like solid 2-0 heroic otherwise
HAVU vs K23
they play cs for a living, you think 1 bo3 gonna make em tired?:D
Gambit vs HAVU
1.6 on gambit seems great. havu is strong but not top5 world strong
Sh1ro tweet
who died ?
Sprout vs MAD Lions
seems like there's not enough room for him in this team to play however he wants. shame because i know he is mechanically talented from the local lans i played with/vs him. if he keeps at this pace an...
Sprout vs MAD Lions
he is agressive playmaker and he is put in support/solo positions.. doesn't make much sense but i'm not suprised he is underperforming
CIS insane level
lol CIS teams thrive in LAN even more. dont forget that at almost every major some tier7 CIS team makes a deep run against all the odds and then disappears off the radar