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Biggest joke i've heard all year lmao, you probably think MIBR has a chance at this major aswell, so delusional
ahahahahahahahahaha SO FUCKING EZ
He doesn't know forsenKek
Brutalis vs PACT
lmao LIDL Astralis
What were your pickems?
Ence 3-0 (Nice choke against RENEpause) Vici 0-3 (FUCKED) Furia (Most likely FUCKED) Cloud9 (MAYBE FUCKED) NiP (Possible) NRG (DONE) Vitality (DONE) AVANGAR (DONE) Fnatic (Probably FUCKED) Guess ill ...
One was idiot enough to provoke the security guard, the other one also an idiot for not being able to handle some dude provoking him and shooting in the leg lmao play a stupid game win a stupid prize...
Vitality vs ViCi
Apex decision making is actually dogshit, not sure why amanek and devoduvek werent options for this squad, they are better than Alex and Apex
Nickname rating 0/5
actually braindead lmao
Best F O O T B A L L E R in ur country
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S94uI_l_4bo WTF did i just watch ahahahaha
cloud9 sticker
They obviously submitted their logo with the star representing their major win, Astralis, Fnatic, NiP dont have stars because they submitted the normal logo, is it really that hard to understand LMAO?
Renegades vs Grayhound
jks 1v9 OMEGALUL
ViCi vs MVP PK
This level of cs is just so bad
170CM male
im 21, and im probably around the 170 mark aswell. It sucks.
Vitality vs North
ez for north
My fifa 19 squads atm.
https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/3842019 This is mine switched to ps4 mid december