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Kinguin vs Windigo
lmao another zero hope pt team xd our scene is so crap, only zelin GOD is any good
EL Major Qualifier mvp
LOL as the other dude said, other people being on a shittier situation than me, doesnt mean my situation isnt shit either.
EL Major Qualifier mvp
i would give it either to nitr0, s1mple or shox, didnt watch most of the games due to BULLSHIT WORK FUCK THIS LIFE
When u work 5 hours a day 3 months a year, still get payed 12 months 8 hours a day, and also get ez sticker money XD
fuck off man, they almost had it XD (didnt see the game the fuckers call me to go to work fuck this shitty ass poor life)
I do think NA is kinda problematic with this visas issues but honestly the teams and players have to get some of the blame here, and nowadays in 2018 surely its like 70% their fault. They know USA has...
Doesnt really count as a source, but i also do remember him being illegally working on US. He had the wrong visa, but he tried to hide it as long as possible (i guess they saw them moneys coming into ...
ill talk to u tomorrow
QBF vs Flash
racist xd
HLTV oldfag test
thats really new tbh, dude thats not old fag level.... also whats the term for a "middle fag"? cause i aint new, but i also dont feel old xd
QBF vs Flash
i actually put g2 3-0 cause i hate them, so if they do well at least i get some points, if they dont, im also happy, hopefully seanbae will rekt them tomorrow
QBF vs Flash
dude the sprout vs c9 one felt so rigged tbh, watch it back if u can, looks like that korean dude Ming something, was legit trying to search for the c9 one, he shuffled like 5 times laughing and shit....
LG yel mom
8/8 fuck its hard to give an 8 on hltv, but u deserve it
QBF vs Flash
mouz is going to beat navi
f3 vs liquid f3 flash vs qbf flash envy vs renegades renegades spaces vs avangar avangar faze vs vega vega sprout vs c9 c9 mouse vs navi mouse misfits vs g2 misfits