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sad to see him try to aim he used to have good aim before g2 but now he has no confidence (because he sucks) so he just sprays at body and never aims for head
Envy vs MIBR
well this is the same team who pick up taco and felps and act like they were gonna be good again or something we already know they are very stupid
Heroic vs NiP
LoL Natosaphix worst player on server but #1 cheerleader
eUnited vs FURIA
LUL VINI and ableJ without augs are bots RIP Furia
Aristocracy vs Winstrike
sad that young "talent" n0rb3r7 is worst player on team
TACO bad career choice
lol noob taco would be kick eventually u cant win tournaments in 2019 with TACO on ur team HAHAHAHA
DETONA vs Cloud9
my friend if you lose to "the quest" anything is possible
hard to compare because no NA IGL has had players as good as nitr0 seang@res best roster was with freakazoid, n0thing, shroud, skadoodle (terrible compared to liquid) steel/dazed banned for 3 years...
Faze letn1?
letn1 is not IGL, he is actually lowest ceiling player on valiance too. easily pick hunter/nexa/espiranto over him
Unpopular opinion: GoT ep5
yep, a lot of stuff that's happened makes sense but because the last 2 seasons have been rushed everything feels forced
lol ange1 thinks hes star player of team what you expect
virtus pro
vp No star player, snatchie supposed to be star but he suck big time
M16R 0-4
haha imagine thinking taco was the savior of MIBR
Ghost vs Denial
lol because hes 16yo and they think he has potential even tho hes shown he has no potential