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strongest 20 militaries in world [*] ur country
Dunno about top 5 but top 10 for sure. Italian army is the 7th strongest army in the world? Pls. Also Israel has proven to be superior to Egypt so op clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.
Allu hate? WHY?
The amount of stupidity in this comment in incredibly amazing. INB4 "stfu jew"
Russia fight ISIS
You said that this was not shown in western media because they have no reliable translators, so I gave US as an example for a western country which definitely has reliable translators.
Pretty close here in Israel, absolut 700ml is ~15€, on holidays and such it goes down to 12-10€.
Russia fight ISIS
Are you 13? Do you think that the U.S. Army/any other big scale army doesn't have people who can translate Arabic into their native language accurately? If US didn't have Arabic translators they'd ...
schneider shy?
Iranian who's living in Australia, this is just showing how cancerous those arabs are. They leave their shitty 3rd world arabic countries and immigrate to Europe. Now, apparently, they immigrate to AU...
schneider shy?
Because arabs = cancer. Plenty of arabs in Sweden, therefore plenty of cancer in Sweden. INB4 mad 3rd worlders furiously commenting saying "aaha fakk yu izrali"
schneider shy?
Ohhhhh BURN
Your least favorite map to watch?
Pimp: "gg NiKO"
He has nice skins so he has to be good right? Right! Kappa
-Allu + Pyth??
Just said what I've been hearing, nothing personal.
-Allu + Pyth??
Dunno about Schneider, many people are saying that his temper doesn't fit a pro team, and that's why he is jumping between mixes. -friberg +pyth sounds logical.
India vs Palestine
You said that the solution fucked it all up, truth is everything was already fucked up and the solution just made it a little better.
India vs Palestine
Zendel is my last name, meanwhile iTzii sounds like a name of a 13 y/o who hasn't grown up yet. Sorry but this is the truth. /retard
India vs Palestine
Do you really need me to bring here some proofs for Arabs attacking Jews for no reason before 48?