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bjergerson best cs player team from swedenia?
+1 he makes all the opponents want to kill themselves.
Sweden right know.
It's probably a thing since loads of Swedes act like douchebags on the internet.
Sweden right know.
You "loose" at English, though.
New country for gays?
Why are [BOLD]you [/BOLD]so mad, brah?
is it real?
this video has been reuploaded at least 5 times. Every time he claims he's doing some kind of giveaway, too. I think he thinks it makes him seem more legitimate. Anyways protip don't download random e...
Do you think esports is a sport?
Sure, but people have varying definitons of "sport". It's a sport, but it's not an athletic sport. Swedish wikipedia has a pretty good venn diagram to cover what I mean, but I can't seem to find an En...
pasha like everyone else ...
15k kappa per minute
why so few black people in the pro scene?
It's like you didn't read what I wrote.
Sweden Nowadays
No, but then again it was posted under the premise "count how many immigrants you can spot".
why so few black people in the pro scene?
No but see what's racist is that you [BOLD]assume [/BOLD]that no black person would ever run slower than any white person.
why so few black people in the pro scene?
But not quite ready for your English test.
mankind vs homosexuality
Maybe he's afraid that he'll "turn gay" himself.
was 9/11 an inside job?
Planes inside buildings, sure.
Trading Netflix accounts for csgo Skins! :)
Yeah you know let's just not use our harddrives because filling them up with data is a negative thing. Also, it's not like you can reuse the space.
Flusha still strong, haters still wrong
I think you need to "get outside and seek some serious fun", too.