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Imagine actually getting upset when people say one region is better at CS than a different region.
9/11 truth
Grimes' Equation
Why NBK became so bad?
Take a look at all those 2013-2014 top 20 player lists, then just look at the top 10s. Only a few of them are still respectable level players like f0rest or kennys.
Trump IQ
Characteristics of very dumb people.
Trump accuses video games
Trump supporters don't care m8. There is literally nothing he can do that will change their minds on him. "I Could Stand In the Middle Of Fifth Avenue And Shoot Somebody And I Wouldn't Lose Any Voters...
The reason why ppl hate liquid
Literally because they're not European. You never saw the amount of random threads like NA healthcare or NA guns when NA was terrible. Same with Brazilian CS. Just little kids who are mad that the reg...
Yung Stew haters come here
hltv is incredibly mad whenever non-euro teams are dominating lmao
Free will
It's a topic that most people have never explored. It informs how we treat criminals, poor people, and people who are generally unsuccessful in life. IMO the concept of free will is one of the most ca...
Astralis still no1
NiP 87-0
Look at how mad you are while claiming you don't care. Made a whole thread too. Sounds like some vegans made you uncomfortable.
Twistzz haircut
"Hold my beer" -HS
Trump Iran strike
Wasn't he supposed to drain the swamp? The SecDef he just appointed is a military industrial complex shill.
Trump Iran strike
Expected from a president who hired a fox news host as his advisor.
“Global warming”
Nice name. Always people like you who trust your feelings over actual science.
Worst major?
Anyone saying London must have missed cluj-napoca. Easily the worst excuse of a major ever. Empty stadium and it happened way too soon after one of the best majors (Cologne 2015).