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First car
If you´re looking for something comfortable, functional and has a bit of power I would buy an BMW E39 then do an engine swap with the 2.8L Single Vanos engine, engine + gearbox should be around 10K SE...
First car
By experience you can get a Mini One ´03/04 with 4 ppl and filled with luggage up to at least 220 km/hr. Doesn´t really matter what kind of car you drive, it will go fast if you want it to, my BMW E39...
-GuardiaN +shara
It's way too open imo, all corners are shortened like crazy with almost 0 1vX afterplant possibilities.
I broke right hand
Don't see a problem at all tbh. just don't use your wrist but arm to aim. Playing with controllers on the other hand, you sure it was your wrist that was broken.
I broke right hand
hand or wrist? I played CS totally fine with a broken wrist (at 2 places).
"snus is much better than tobacco" Snus is tobacco ffs. "no prove of cancer" Yes it increases chances of cancer.
They said
They said
When this got released, a HUGE amount of people from the CIS region came(mostly RUS, UKR, KAZ) and they are for the most part, useless and only destroys the games.
They said
If you have eyes you'll see that I had the most rws of everyone on the whole server. The low RWS comes from my teammates being unable to close out rounds. I had 21 frags at 9-4 while the rest of the t...
They said
I got rekt? Lmao, put on glasses please. I'm just mad because all these 3rd worlder mongoloid players that've joined ESEA since it was integrated with steam.
The bigger question is why he was there in the first place, he is utter trash.