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R8 these girls
that was golden xD
F1 stream qualifying
shut down xD
i7 7700k CS:GO
i5 3470 + gtx 960,on most maps I get over 200fps at 1920x1080,but I've set fps cap at 150fps cuz u don't need more even if u have 144Hz monitor what I mean is that i7 7700k would never have an issue w...
Sex tips
lmfao that one actually got me,holy shit xD
Why did bulgarians all have short hair ?
lmao,gypsy population is pretty small comapred to bulgarian population,LOL americans talking,pls
If VP will lose a Major...
and you made me think that faze have moved to NA since I haven't been that active the past year or so,so I do miss some things about the pro scene every now and then,so I was totally going to believe ...
If VP will lose a Major...
well :D
If VP will lose a Major...
well envyus is also an American organization for example,but the players are French,so what's your point ?
If VP will lose a Major...
" FaZe is an NA team " ... according to where the players are born... I highly doubt that,lol
didn't qualify for the major,lmao
G633 vs Cloud II
I have a cloud II and have no issues with it,I actually love the sound from those headphones,it's so fucking good,idk about the logitech G633 never had one
do not buy Windows 10 !!
are u sure you're not the one that fucked something up ? 1 month of research and u couldn't find a fix?I think you did something wrong,I'm using windows 10 and I prefer it over windows 8.1 and 7 after...
GE in MG1 game
when I used to be global and played on my smurf with my friends vs like gn/mg I was only getting like 30-40 frags every game,these players were so fucking unpredictable,the only way for me to win was ...