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cutting for attention
+1 these people always are bad in for you
Your lifetime
Just get a prostitute and you don't need to live in shame rest of your life you have a sex robot at your home
Your national hero?
Mannerheim was real hero
Your national hero?
most famous at least edit: or almost most famous maybe
TeamSpeak 5 leak
+1 But discord will probably remain bigger with casual people that don't know how to have ts server
languages do u speak
Sign language?
Swedish rap lol
You will continue to be wannabe successful for the rest of your life while he has actually achieved something. If you don't want crime stop ruining our areas
Swedish rap lol
"Wannabe" lol you swedes are very funny always calling everyone wannabe all the time even when they have been in prison for gang crimes
Football boring?
You need to stop watch football for a while so you can enjoying it again
Football boring?
Probably you need a break from it
stop hating RLewis
+1 he should be seen as entertainer imo
Countries to me
Lol he looks like a swede, talks like a swede, born in sweden. But he has doesn't have blond hair (and also doesn't have black hair) so he isn't swedish?
Most influential HLTV user of all time?
He was but for a short time only
Most influential HLTV user of all time?
Probably 90% of users don't know who is and have only heard the name on threads
Countries to me
Even if I did "look muslim" (which I don't) it don't explain why they think my friend that is half swedish (and definitely doesn't "look muslim") isn't swedish because he isn't blond