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i rate your iq))
1) Dogma 2) Huawei P90 Pro 3) High 4) Good 5) Yes
I married one of my workmates.. Thankfully we don't work together anymore :)
peaky blinders
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being gay, my best friend is gay. However I would bet that only a smallish percentage of people wouldn't mind those scenes. I just get frustrated because now...
peaky blinders
Sense8? Pff I liked it until I realised the show was created in a way that would satisfy leftists pussies. Gay couples, a transgender "woman" and of course a character from each ethnicity: asian, orie...
Disgusting things u do?
I watch my grandmother when she's in the shower and touch myself
G2 vs forZe
indeed, very well organised... :/
G2 vs forZe
read the front page and other posts here maybe?
Dear white people
Kill refugees (and illegal immigrants), politicians, terrorists, criminals and unemployed lower class scum. That will help a bit.
what football team u cheer?
Crystal Palace. <3 Zaha best player in the world 100%
i will try guess your rank!!!!
1.CSGO hours : 1450 2.age : 34 3.Favorite team/player and why? : Skadoodle - because he has issues. 4.Favorite weapon : Scout 5.Favorite game : 1. csgo 2. Unreal Tournament
Best metal song of all time
Idd summoning are one of my fave bands. <3 sordide too but not a fave ;D
Best metal song of all time
These aren't contenders for "Best metal song ever" but some bands I like... There are too many that I could mention, but I don't wanna put 10000 links in here :D Caladan Brood -
Best metal song of all time
haha that's good enough! So many toxic people on this website it's so easy to bait :)
Best metal song of all time
Much hate my friend.