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How much profile hits u got ?
I see youre a pathetic unfortunate looser who hasn't got anything except these forums to troll. [*] :(
300k Internet AMA
Erlangen, im really hyped :D
Just a matter of time before they get signed by a big org. Hoping that WFX upgrades their team both tactically and skillwise. noKappa
bodyy vs DEVIL
true my portuguese buddy +1
bodyy vs DEVIL
imo both are on a similar level. bodyy is good but as far as we've seen crumbles under pressure, and DEVIL is decent, but gets all the shit for his team not working together - i dont think he is the m...
k1o : tomorrow will be the day
inb4 new LDLC Ex6TenZ k1o Maniac fxy0 to1nou
ÜberholverBOT vs Botka Boyz
sick ace, HLTV highlight pls!
idrk, but it DOES make a difference. :D
if you dont do so already, try to connect over console instead of the join button
I'm losing weight
Same here mate, went from 82 to 73 since late January :) (being 1.78m) Just changing little things and working out more. Really not that hard Keep on going mate! GL!
Bruxelles and HLTV
who says they do? there is a wide spectrum between hating muslims, wanting to shut the borders [ITALIC]and[/ITALIC] letting everybody in, not critizising islam at all because being too afraid to not b...
Bruxelles and HLTV
It's sad that having no baseline of what to be able to expect is a viable thing on here, unfortunately youre right mate :-/
Bruxelles and HLTV
thank god im not the only one thinking like this. +1 m8
tv series
Blacklist, sense8, River :)