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overwatch > csgo
Every match of OW feels the same, both to play and to watch, and I believe it ultimately comes down to the fact that optimal high-level gameplay is an endless series of 6v6 teamfights and almost nothi...
Cloud9 Real Solution
yeah he was really starting to pick it up but lack of support from org really screwed him over. hopefully he will get another chance to display his true skill soon
c9 PIMP!!!
everything? you still need to fit in well with the team, and an annoying whiny european won't fit in well with c9
c9 PIMP!!!
hes toxic as fuck in his own language, imagine that vs ego-filled americans
Is competitive quake dead?
no skins = no under18 betting = deaderino
Ghosting at EsL
ur so whiney cuz fnatic lost. how much??
how does he still pronounce pyth wrong, doesn't he live in sweden now?
Sub chat sucks
most of their discussions are just lame 'pleb' jokes over and over again. almost nothing about the actual game is even mentioned
Eye Test
25 - hawk
Sad that esl one cologne
won't have any asians since the australians are gonna snag the spots
if you dont think steel is good
if u are from NA you do not deserve to make any comments on CS
s1mple cheating online?
I never thought he cheated but it was weird how he did significantly worse on every single map this LAN. His shots just weren't connecting. Only thing different about the LAN is there were a lot of...
depends how many times he spawns with bomb, he usually not bomb carrier so he will drop it. I'd say maybe 5 times max
fnatic out of cevo
it is very rare to see proper nouns + the will contraction. besides you didn't even put the ' before the ll and it looks like u keep writing fnatic II (2)
uk teams > na teams
if a UK team could stick around longer than a month then maybe they'd have some good sponsors too, with time.