CS history

Notable team.5.6 :

Achievement LAN CS.6 :
- fungamers lan : 2nd
- starLan 7 : 1st
- starLan 8 : 2nd
- xtc-lan 6 : 2nd
- GTO-lan 5 : 1st
- ESWC 2007
- ESWC 2008

Achievement Online CS.6 :
- ESFrance winter cup 2007 : #pixelogi "1st"
- ESFrance summer cup 2008 : #pixelogi "2nd"

ESWC 2012 TOP 8
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WORST CSGO Player ??
GTR worst CSGO player? Like WTF. 2013 top 1 2014 top 1 2015 top 11 2016 top 18. 1.6 Beast. 2010 top 2 2011 top 2 Yeah probably the worst player of all time.. Actually one of the very best player ...
99,9% of HLTV Is stupid
Yeah because ttypo never happen. I corrected as soon as i saw it whitoutt you pointing it out so stfu sadman :)
99,9% of HLTV Is stupid
"99,9% of HLTV Is stupid" "Im glad of being in the 1%."
99,9% of HLTV Is stupid
Well there's no bait to rate, sorry bro.
99,9% of HLTV Is stupid
0.1% not 1 %... Means you're definitely in the 99,9%
CS GO > 1.6, CSS
Igdaf wich one is better but if you think you can be accurate while moving in 1.6 you're definitely not the right person to start this kind of debate since your 1.6 knowledge has to be close to nothin...
Top 5 Animes?
Mine would be Trigun HxH FMAB AKAME GA KILL BLEACH No particular order, those were just my favorites when i used to watch anime. (Death note/claymore/elfenlied/Helsing were cool too) Used to like on...
1 The guy was Italian. 2 He said something about his sister 3 He gave Materazzi what he wanted and that costed them the final. Conclusion : Zidane acted like a retard for some bullshit words and pro...
There is a Creator
Ta gueule.
It kinda does. He's gone one step further on the retardation ladder than McGregor. I didn't t think it was even possible
Well if you read a little about it's already pretty clear that the NSAC isn't planning to go soft on him. There will be a long suspension and they've already frozen his pay for the fight alongside wit...
I never liked McGregor's attitude anyway so that's not a problem for me and it's a good thing he lost even tho he will remain rich af and will still be the most known fighter of this era. Khabib clear...
There won't be any rematch as you could clearly hear dana white saying that thez guy won't be fighting in the ufc anytime soon. his career is ruined at this point. that's rather funny.
"professiona, humane and respectful." Yeah we definitely saw that after the fight .
yeah go back to sleep or go speak with someone that is as dumb and blind as you, it will give a break. Bye