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Notable team.5.6 :

Achievement LAN CS.6 :
- fungamers lan : 2nd
- starLan 7 : 1st
- starLan 8 : 2nd
- xtc-lan 6 : 2nd
- GTO-lan 5 : 1st
- ESWC 2007
- ESWC 2008

Achievement Online CS.6 :
- ESFrance winter cup 2007 : #pixelogi "1st"
- ESFrance summer cup 2008 : #pixelogi "1st"

ESWC 2012 TOP 8
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Wow Classic
Already played it for years, i'm sure as fuck that i don't want to spend my days farming anymore :)
Wow Classic
Nope, played it more than enough back it the days. I'd glady come back to play some BC tho but vanilla is fuckin overrated it was good back then but i see no reason to go back to it.
Are CS fans loyal?
Been rooting for nip since like 2005 or 2006 when they came back with the potti, zet, Heaton, walle and ins line up...so you tell me :)
When NiKo doesnt IGL
So how come niko was already the best player on his team before he started igl'ing? His adr is pretty good and his KD is irrelevant since he played entry. Nice thread tho. Shows how valuable your cs...
Well no he isn't, it's not even debatable, look more carefull in slow speed. Add to that the bullet goes right through his head but doesn't register. Can't blame someone skill when it's the game that...
You realize that his crosshair is on the head and that he's not moving when he takes the shot right?
Game of Thrones haters come here
because they said it would be the greatest battle ever saw in tv shows/movies.
Game of Thrones haters come here
Lazy writing that's about it, the battle for winter fell was the most ridicullous battle i've seen strategically in a long time, full of plot armors. This episode was really a pain to watch. 400 000 d...
Theists come here
Lot of things never happened until they happened you know...
Theists come here
Funny thinking process you got there... "Everything has a begining" "Can't imagine the universe coming out of nowhere" So what was the beginning of god? Did he came out of nowhere like randy orton? ...
Theists come here
Who the hell would want 72 virgins... Virgin girl = Most boring sex ever.