CS history

Notable team.5.6 :

Achievement LAN CS.6 :
- fungamers lan : 2nd
- starLan 7 : 1st
- starLan 8 : 2nd
- xtc-lan 6 : 2nd
- GTO-lan 5 : 1st
- ESWC 2007
- ESWC 2008

Achievement Online CS.6 :
- ESFrance winter cup 2007 : #pixelogi "1st"
- ESFrance summer cup 2008 : #pixelogi "2nd"

ESWC 2012 TOP 8
Forum posts
guy beats his woman while on stream
Yep that was expected ^^ Girls want equity. They're very disrespectful toward them tho. : )
guy beats his woman while on stream
I don't defend any of them that's what your little brain is uncapable to understand. Reasons, environment doesn't matter. If you act violent, it will come back to you, that's it. And he didn't beat h...
guy beats his woman while on stream
I've slapped a woman once in my life because she slapped me you fuckin moron, it's not like i ripped her head off you fuckin tard. A girlfriend of a friend of mine went crazy blackeyed him and stuff ...
guy beats his woman while on stream
Come at me then, should i send my adress or something? :) Only words in a pussie's mouth. Calling people empty brain and thinking than girls can treat you however they want (hiting you, throwing thin...
guy beats his woman while on stream
Well nope i don't see any difference. She's pregnant so what? Does that gives her rights to throw things at people? There's a kid so what? Is it a good education for the kid to teach him that wheneve...
guy beats his woman while on stream
Well violence is violence. If my wife starts throwing things at me it won't end well for her either. Reasons never matter if you sart being violent expect people to do the same. And i'm far from bein...
guy beats his woman while on stream
I don't really care about the reasons she started to throw things at him, all i'm saying is if you use violence against me i'll come right back at you girl or not. If she's hungry and he doesn't come ...
guy beats his woman while on stream
Fuckin hell people are so butthurt it's a slap in the face and she clearly had it coming. She annoys the fuck out of him and then start throwing things at him. I fuckin hate those kind of girls who th...
gla1ve clip
Yeah yeah i saw it. I don't bother caring anymore. I've played and watch this game for a long time(2001), at subtop lvl on .6 and cs has become a fuckin joke since 3-4 years. Blatant clips everywhere ...
gla1ve clip
"we're just good at shooting smokes." gla1ve 2018
How do you laugh in words?
ha ha.
valve idiots
They won't get any BR player. Even i who plays mostly BR's now and have played CS for 17 years won't touch that shit. it looks so ridiculous. Valve at least made me laugh very hard tonight
overrated players
except f0res is still good.
Seems like it's ex6 (he is sitting in the igl chair)
G2 vs INTZ
Brain checks out.