CS history

Notable team.5.6 :

Achievement LAN CS.6 :
- fungamers lan : 2nd
- starLan 7 : 1st
- starLan 8 : 2nd
- xtc-lan 6 : 2nd
- GTO-lan 5 : 1st
- ESWC 2007
- ESWC 2008

Achievement Online CS.6 :
- ESFrance winter cup 2007 : #pixelogi "1st"
- ESFrance summer cup 2008 : #pixelogi "2nd"

ESWC 2012 TOP 8
Forum posts
GeT_RiGhT 2012-2014 vs. olofmeister 2015
While he's a fanboy you're clearly a hater... "if were talking about who is the best pug star only playing for stats and not team then it's s1mple for sure." That alone proves you don't know much ab...
Same goes for absolutely every team fan base. The dumbest are always the loudest.
You seem autistic too since when there's an astralis fan speaking to you you answer him : ""fan of team NIP", gtfo and stop trying to find excuse..." There's two facts here, one you're a pathetic hat...
s1mple choke!
yeah he obviously only did entry kills against eco.. Why am i even speaking to you...
S1mple MVP
Well i'm pretty sure i'm not mistaken by saying that they weren't the best player on the server during their respective lost finals and i'm pretty sure that if it wasn't the case for simple he wouldn'...
S1mple MVP
He was the best player with the highest ratings and the most entry kills in every game he played tho. (final included)
s1mple choke!
the guy has the highest ammount of entry kills, you're stupid af x')
s1mple topfrag but lose 4-16
You cleary are a deluded hater he has the highest opening kill ratio and he has highest opening kills ammount on this tournament... it's not even debatable. x') Maybe try to check the numbers before ...
Nope, not only pros, people who played competitive games in actual competions at a decent level. The majority of what you can read now in hltv is highly laughable.
Well this should have been don't comment on competitive cs if you never experienced it as it's the case of 90% of people here. Commenting on how bad people are if your only vision of the game is a te...
CSGO dead
You don't need to convince me bro. If you're not, good for you ; )
CSGO dead
Well it's 11.32 and gown ups are working and kids are at school. Only lowlifers are wanking at home atm.
screaM french shroud?
He's usually on par with his nV mates anyway... Sad that for once that they step up he's completely off. That probably will cost them this game.
screaM french shroud?
Never been a fan tbh but while playing with shox he's been pretty fine on all these areas.. Don't know what his problem is tbh.. Role/freedom, not enough motivation/individual training? He clearly h...
screaM french shroud?
Well at that moment he was more than decent but surely has been playing like SHIT for a while now.