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Ence vs. Astralis
maybe they let other tier1 teams to win tournaments? :DDD and to much work after major/blast i think
S1mple bottomfragging
rating 1.30 on lan and major tournaments its very overrated player in your mind? you most be jealous or a bait because he is godlile (in stats)
cerq laugh thread
he is the reason nrg is on #10 world wide team:)
Shroud he is really bad obv..lel i think you are jelous or is a bait
ence are a good team :)
asstralis won't win
you got owned
asstralis won't win
they're not on tournament but they will win ofcourse
is like this: your life whatever you do isn't good and dont have a meaning
Favorite tv show ?
The sopranos > the wire ;)
Favorite tv show ?
First you need to watch breaking bad and after better call saul ;) Will be your favorite bb/bcs
Nexus vs Bpro
you are retarded if you dont know already:d
Nexus vs Bpro
clown you are dude :) i will tell you a info nexus are not paid to play cs like other tier3 teams.. with bpro i dont know For you tier1 is 1-5 spot and tier2 5-10spots world? wtf you are the delus...
Nexus vs Bpro
man this are tier3 teams where you will never be in that spot :) just shut the fuck up and dont post stupid comments
CS 1.6 was a much more interesting game on an individual level
in 1.6 was this thing when you see a bot you will see his movement in csgo this thing doesnt exist :) movement is slow like bots this is one of many reasons why i believe 1.6 is way more harder the...
Zeus cried.
you seriously are retarded if you think like that:) look when he wasnt at navi and look at gambit after he join that team:) gambit wins major/ navi were in a "trash period" after zeus join back aga...