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hollow as in empty
Steelega wtf
what is false about his report?
SGAY Gaming
Enyoy to Misfits?
they were at the time you decided to create this thread
Free agents now
big boy lmao you don't need any GCSEs at all to know the terminology of "pretty much" something means almost. I've read the title thankyou very much, just because the title states free agents now an...
new optic vs old optic
Shahzam to tk konfig and konfig to rage and break his pc
Free agents now
comment "he's pretty much a free agent" didnt say he was a free agent in its entirety doesnt matter if you want to claim he out of contract, he still is "pretty much a free agent" as he stated
Ex-100T to Misfits?
According to a new report from, the American organization retracted their offer to Jonathan "JonY BoY" Muñoz & co., as instead they've decided to exit the CS:GO scene altogether. https://www...
Betting hint (Fnatic - Singularity)
well its never guaranteed on offline matches either
-styko +?
xD potato PC
-styko +?
neyu is better than you though
He was injured 2/3 of 17 and top 5 2017
Dennis AST
id like Cajun B to go back to be honest. means that if device really wanted to lurk Cajun could awp
Enyoy to Misfits?
don't worry, this isn't the first thread and wont be the last thread made by someone who can't read :)
Space Soldiers
they didn't though. you cant just use "Saving Strats" as an excuse as they would have shown all the strats they have the week before.