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Both places say a lot of the same stupid shit, unfortunately the people on /r/GlobalOffensive genuinely think those things
-allu +maikellelle
Maikelele is getting that Kinguin money, I'm sure he's more than happy atm
who is the best looking caster?
Semmler by far
Xizt and Friberg in Japan together, Get_Right and Allu playing in a mix team together, RIP f0rest confirmed
Pick your NiP line up
+delpan +threat, awp and coach replacement
Pick your NiP line up
-Robban +Twist Robban is still decent, but I doubt he'll be at a tier 1 level too soon
NiP standard roster change before major
I think they need a coach that's the IGL, just let the five players focus fully. I'd still replace Allu with a swede just for language and consistency's sake. If they could get Threat to lead from a c...
NiP standard roster change before major
NiP pls :(
krimz hat !?!??
He says he won't play without it apaprently, it's his lucky hat.
how to sleep when its 35 degrees
Wait until 4am when it's cooled down a bit
CLG needs to -FNS
Pretty sure he will, they already value steel's opinions more than FNS'. FNS called something in one of the earlier matches and one of them replied "No, steel said not to do that".
His calling on CT side was pretty much perfect, really impressed with him. Hopefully that match won't be a one off and we'll see them actually doing something later in the tournament.
You're looking at life time rating rofl, look at how much worse he is than them in the past 3 months or even in 2015 as a whole http://www.hl...