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Thesis survey, click some buttons for me
Thesis survey, click some buttons for me
Okay, i fixed it :D
Thesis survey, click some buttons for me
LUL, i'll try to fix that question :D
SNUS user come here
Do not want to count :d The first few years were harder because you had to ask older people to buy it for you, and the "dealertax"(Or w/e you call it lol) was rough with allowance, haha. But a rol...
SNUS user come here
About 10 years. Pretty much a whole can. 45 min on average I guess. General original/stark original all day every day.
Wanna learn Dota2 in 5 hours!
Chris "shaGuar" Benger WSOP
For sure. But i got Ruane to win ;D
Chris "shaGuar" Benger WSOP
It's a cooler but the right play, there's 1 hand who beats him pre flop and Benger would most likely 4-bet with hands like AK, AQs etc. Would much rather have Kassouf there than f.e. Vayo who sucked o...
Chris "shaGuar" Benger WSOP
He's 7th in chips with 50 or so BB's.
Dell precision m3800 i7-4712HQ @ 2.3GHz 16gb RAM 256 GB SSD 4k touch screen (:s) vs GODSENT
Ah, i see. That's pretty weird, but i guess ESL are known to do weird shit. vs GODSENT
Shouldn't this be Fnatic - VP rn? Godsent get Fnatic's spot due to the 3-man core?
pokemon go dead
Magmar is 1st gen though. Salty for the sake of being salty i guess :)
Yes it was. It was prolonged for a year after he tried to evade the ban aswell.
Had a bet for 1-1. I'm mad.