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What the fuck does that supposedly have to do with leftism? Why don't you just ignore those morons? They are the same as clueless neonazis, just wanna belong somewhere, find their group on the left si...
bad guys wear black
Are you trolling or really this stupid?
bad guys wear black
You're a braindead moron tho.. not his fault that you can't figure it out.. it should be easy af, even with minimal education..
Pasha tweet :(
Don't forget TAMM! :O
4 bans 1 month
s1mple to join mouz
wtf is mybr? made your brazil?
Top 5most best and worst rap
Top 5most best and worst rap
Nah, he's right.. he may not have used the correct word, but he's right.. you're ignorant and arrogant, and all that while being a total moron.
Top 5most best and worst rap
So because you listen to it it's automatically "normal music", whatever you do not listen to therefore is not?!
You do realize that tons of the musicians you're talking about suffer from depression and do have suicidal tendencies, right? I think this xxx guy was a fucking clown, but what you're saying here mak...
trump tweet
Right, spread resentment and hate, that's clearly the way to go/the path towards peace :D Gotta love talking about politics on HLTV.. like 80% of you guys are a mix of racists/xenophobes, trolls and ...
trump tweet
Seeing them as a potential threat is a huge part of the problem..
trump tweet
Let me get this straight, you with your privileges growing up in a good country like the netherlands say you would, if in their shoes, stay in that shithole if there were alternatives like europe?
Shroud GF
she didn't even want to date him when he was in C9, stfu you idiots calling her a golddigger..
shrouds gf
the definition of a pathetic cringy virgin post.. if you ever needed one for your own encyclopedia or w/e, here ya go.