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Astralis vs mousesports
at least in warmup styko can get some kills now
this portal is cancer
Says this "portal" is bad, uses the term autism as an insult..
Exactly the expected response from a monkey.. and you wonder why we call you monkeys..
You are the one who should kys.. and i'm not a FaZe fan i couldn't care less who won that tourney, but you're a pathetic piece of shit.
Did you just +1 a comment where he said something against you?
JW goes nuts
How's he the toxic one when you started it?
ferGOD rekting on Twitter again
pssst rekt/wrecked is the past tense of wreck..
Trump REKT May
in typical newfag-neo-neo-nazi manner you called me a german cuck, for pretty much nothing.. but now i'm the problem :D
Trump REKT May
i was supposed to make points after you called me a german cuck out of the blue? i did make points tho, very valid points, not my fault if you're too dumb to see it..
Trump REKT May
Yes, let's divert instead of bringing real counter-arguments.. and once again you're proving my point, you have no clue why the world works the way it works.. so in the end you're part of the new stre...
Trump REKT May
The problem is that you don't understand why it is the way it is. That was my point.
Trump REKT May
lol, you're such a dumb lil' racist, it's cute seeing you trying to argue world politics, of which you clearly have no clue whatsoever..
Trump REKT May
i feel sorry for your parents.. they raised a moron.. but wait.. if you're really polish then that's prolly true for them as well.. seeing how your country is full of racism and general xenophobia. i ...
Trump REKT May
du bist auch eher so von der sorte hirntot, wa? :)