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candy ate too much candy that fat cunt lool
Tell me your sens + mouse and I'll tell you your rank
8 10 000 razer with colors
Racism in Europe
well east europe is a bit more rascist in general (they don't really like stangers unless they are from the west)
Which team have most fanboys?
Hiko w/o Cap
being fat makes you lose your hair faster.
VP ez 800k $
snax sucks lul
Germany unsafe country
well the news says it was a tiletcleaner so it's time for anschluss. MakeGermanyGreatAgain
weird shit u heard while playing
kid getting screamed at by his mom because he failed his test and then he said "shut up mom I'm playing with my friends" eventho nobody knew him. felt really awkward
he has an AMD LUL
S1mple > Coldzera proof
he kinda is. let's leave liquid and play with worstplayers... if navi would not have dropped off then s1mple would still be playing with some noonames.
so erdogan is gonna say kurdi? (so he has another reason too boomb them)
GERMAN SCENE????????????
You might be right but in my opinion our biggest problems within the german scene is eliteism. (yes in germany LUL) German "T1" players usually stick to themselves they enjoy being on top. They wou...
jonathan E anal virgin?
can confirm I'm a bit suprised he did not ban me. but still... you can literally see how he loves having power
you got fkcn brainwashed by P.C. and femnaziism in computer games there's no need to create a female safe space. women don't have nay physical disadvtanages when it comes to gaming. You want to...