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Yes, i ve the same, never buy alkohol in buttle under 3 liters.
VP cringe video
nice ;-)
u can't sell vodka near to church, 100m forbiden zone
in my country u cannot cut tree even if its on ur land ;p
Idiot VP fans
thats not mine words xD ask kjearbye :P he clearly stated that they underperformed in major final ;p i suppose they still underperforming as we see results of dh masters :D we can say legitimaly that ...
Idiot VP fans
astralis is underperforming in this year xD
Taz Revenge
i don't know when asstralis is underperforming
vp roster change
not best english but still entertainment
fnatic vs
fnatic doesn't looks good, they are playing pug, but it seems like they don't know what to do to be honest. Those ridicolous pushes ... can't win them games.
G2 explained
u re genius!
Roster Shuffle
valde is better option for North, they don't need another star player who won't gives you support quality and game wise.
Roster Shuffle
There is an official info that twist is contracted by godsent. And there are rumors that it could be valde instead of aizy in North.
G2 expectations
next pug style team, they hit their shoots or they will fall apart
VP map pool
They will be baning cache or inferno in first ban. Perfect situation for them, i think SK should be happy too.
VP Superteam? Kinguin might be atleast top 20?
NaVi doesnt work now, Astralis has honey month, lets see where they will be for 6-9 months. Perfect example of this first period of good form teams after shuffle are French teams. For first 3 month th...