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very interesting player this syken. looks like a lan god :)
Epsilon vs ENCE
i was out of line in that post tbh. sorry! i will quit this awful site, it's bad for me. helppo encelle nyt ja aina
Epsilon vs ENCE
can't help myself! you are the worst fucking 'analyst' posting in ence threads. please stop polluting this shit with your worthless reactionary garbage. PLEASE. you seem to assume 90% stuff you say an...
rain cheating?
OP doesn't think rain is cheating. he is just baiting for attention. norway has 1 good player, zero scene, zero potential. just wasteland country with ppl who eat bugs and shit outside.
FaZe vs fnatic
you'll see :)
FaZe vs fnatic
fnatic picked cache. faze still gonna win 2-1. i'm 100% sure about it
Escape vs ENCE
good map pick from escape, very nice team!!
ENCE vs Immortals
crushing for ences moral, i'm gonna predict immortals will clean up in cbble but hope to be wrong
im talking to a girl and its going pretty well
how much u pay her per hour to talk to u
Manila Majo (DOTA) stage & setup
also "beyond the summit" type of tournament would be swell to see in CS. more personal and laid back approach so people would get a better look at the personalities of the pros.
Manila Majo (DOTA) stage & setup
hope so m8
-Friis +JUGI
i rate friis but he has too many games where he just can't hit a shot to save his life. SK could have been a force to be reckoned with if they had landed cajunb.
ENCE vs Tricked
lets get it ence. show balls not buttocks.
Dobry&Gaming vs ENCE
yeah that play was weird as fuck lol. not saying they are throwing, just a dumb play. 15 sec in the clock and bomb in front of u.
one thing i don't understand, why didn't ence do tac pause after losing ~10 rounds in a row?