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my breakfast
yes but even thoses are from careful selections by mankind over the centuries and more often than not nowadays the only think people want from a fruit is a very sweet taste.
my breakfast
also I think most if not all our vegetables and fruits are from selections over the ages. I don't think fruits used to be that sweet for example.
Covid antidote
it takes 10 years to make a vaccine to any virus. but in 10 years you'll be dead from anxiety my dude. switch the tv off it'll make a lot of good for you.
my breakfast
well true, I know most cabbage are from sometimes nasty hybridization techniques (cant remember the name atm) and such, you can still find cabbages and carrots stemming from old varieties which are ve...
my breakfast
carrots and cabbage are not real vegetables? what?
overrated food
you just described every meat.
trump worst president since ww2
"he is such an incompetent president but the USA economy is still improving just shows you strong the US and how good the limited powers of presidency are where even a complete clown cannot run the sh...
Merkel REKT Trump again
she did not even have the balls to say his name LOL
Boombl4 fat insults
shittiest excuse i've heard so far and jw and flusha were fat asses but not to the extent of boombl4. He is just chugging fat and sugar ever few hours, period.
Bolsonaro HAHAHAHA
why do you care so much?
Dr disrespect
because he has been on drugs while streaming lately, just look at his attitude, what he says and how he says it, it's unmistakable. The dude is just too high.
We very well might lose HenryG and Launders to those 2 crazy women even though they are innocent. This is just a game for them girls it feels like while it is the life and livelyhood of people they ar...
maybe he should have taken his first tweet for himself. will his ego ever recover? I bet even flashpoint will have to get rid of him , he just can't help himself.
Anomaly scamming on Twitch.
how does it affects you I dont understand?