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wasted talents from ur country [cs]
He is currently wasting his talent. Doesnt matter how young he is. If he could be better right now with more practise, he is wasting his talent, which is the case with him. I said "currently" in my ...
wasted talents from ur country [cs]
I feel like you dont. Just because he plays on a top10 team doesnt mean he is currently maximizing his potential. If he continues to practise as little as he currently does, his natural talent will ha...
wasted talents from ur country [cs]
Currently its Sergej, beucause of his lack of motivation to practise. He doesnt have the drive to practise like these current stars (twistz, s1mple, zywoo, elige, and many more) do, and thats why he w...
arctic invitational
Because nobody gave a fuck about the tournament strating from the point when Ence and NRG both pulled out of it. No interesting or even really top tier established teams so people couldnt be bothered ...
Worst year in your country's history
Finland smh
And by the rate their population structure is changing from Swedish to middle-eastern/african, the gap will only get bigger. Especially because of how they bend their own (Western/Swedish) culture to ...
BTTV Twitch?
Youre the normie here, mate.
You all middle eastern so syria 4 major, sweden 0
The Finnish Defence Forces
Norwegian army? Your professional soldiers got fucked by our conscripts in the "realistic" exercise held in Sweden last winter. Pushed back so far the referees had to stop it because your guys would'v...
csgo national teams
Old lineups you miss?
Titan - KQLY/Maniac/KennyS/Ex6/Apex yes men, i remember them being so exciting to watch in this (https://www.hltv.org/events/1490/dreamhack-stockholm-csgo-invitational-2014) tournament
FaZe rebuild
>Olof is one of the best supports in EU
>If anyone believed in bitcoin why would you try to sell it at a good price Because as with any investing, people who take it seriously in the slightest have set a price at which they take profits. P...
No chance for mibr. boring game inc.
FLUKE definition
Renegades. After AUG nerf their CT sides are trash, when at Katowice and the StarSeries after Katowice they were dominating teams because of their good CT sides. now theyre trash.