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Man I'm only 25 have some patience with us.

Trolling FelixLulz aka CaptainAutism since 01.03.2015.

Well, fuck it, what's more important is he's cryin' out for help
While the world's eggin' him on, I'm beggin' him to stop
And playin' his old shit, knowin' he won't top it, false prophets
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Uni advice
Hey man, hope you're doing well. I can give you quite a bit of advice. So when I graduated high school or gymnasium, whichever is your equivalent, I went into computer science and I fucking hated it....
[+18] Rate Grill
How so. Kendall Jenner is a model, she's flat as an ironing board. Men who are more heavily rating the body would never consider her above a 6.
24yo new uni?
Depends - do you have an undergrad? If yes then not at all. I started my masters when I was 25. If no then it's a bit iffy. Starting a degree at 24 will still result in you having a potentially highe...
r8 swedish girl
Too much of a tryhard. Can't find girls sexy when the only thing they market is their face in a 'envy me bitches' type of facial expression.
bruttJ dies in hospital aged 19
holy s**t
Help with a girl
Dating ppl in your class is bad cause it has certain aspects of awkwardness and cringe tied to them, regardless of whether you break up later on or not. The thing that should determine whether to go f...
R8 my new date
flawless victory
European Union
Leeches is such a braindead term to use when your goal is to promote the concept of an economic union with a common market. For capital and labour to flow freely within the EU and for the common marke...
Album of the year?
What on earth is that normie music. I'd say 1. Lil Tjay - True 2 Myself 2. Dreamville - Revenge of the Dreamers 3 3. NBA Youngboy - AI Youngboy 2
16 yo girl with 23yo guy
I agree that the mindset of 16 year olds isn't the same as that of 23 year olds. Can't forget all the issues that people have nowadays with anxiety, depression etc so we're kinda in an age where there...
16 yo girl with 23yo guy
Don't bother explaining that to them, they won't understand it anyway.
16 yo girl with 23yo guy
#45 paragraph 2