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Man I'm only 25 have some patience with us.

Trolling FelixLulz aka CaptainAutism since 01.03.2015.

Well, fuck it, what's more important is he's cryin' out for help
While the world's eggin' him on, I'm beggin' him to stop
And playin' his old shit, knowin' he won't top it, false prophets
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European Union
Leeches is such a braindead term to use when your goal is to promote the concept of an economic union with a common market. For capital and labour to flow freely within the EU and for the common marke...
Album of the year?
What on earth is that normie music. I'd say 1. Lil Tjay - True 2 Myself 2. Dreamville - Revenge of the Dreamers 3 3. NBA Youngboy - AI Youngboy 2
16 yo girl with 23yo guy
I agree that the mindset of 16 year olds isn't the same as that of 23 year olds. Can't forget all the issues that people have nowadays with anxiety, depression etc so we're kinda in an age where there...
16 yo girl with 23yo guy
Don't bother explaining that to them, they won't understand it anyway.
16 yo girl with 23yo guy
#45 paragraph 2
16 yo girl with 23yo guy
They don't date 20+ to be cool. For the most part, the "20+ bf" as you call him is more alpha and willing to shoot their shot. Think back to when you were 16 and you had a hot girl in your class, I'd ...
hot or no (+12)
That's a "maybe". But the way it's cropped out makes me suspect trap.
16 yo girl with 23yo guy
It's legal everywhere in Europe so the legality isn't an issue here. Calling him "pedo" is also childish cause people are just reflecting their low intelligence onto others by using such absolute stat...
thicc or fit girls?
If you like the non-thicc fit type then you might aswell just tap into the male pool aswell cause there is nothing feminine in fucking an ironing board.
younger girlfriend
Had started dating someone just before I turned 20, she was approaching 17 at the time. Had just graduated 12th grade, all the hot girls in my year who I had thirsted for were taken so naturally I pic...
Kawhi has close to 0 chance of winning MVP cause he has load management. Giannis and Harden are huge favorites, Lebron and Doncic are the underdogs.
[18+] Relationships today
[18+]do you lick your gf poop off before anal
Alcohol is for LOSERS
That's not true (the nonsense you say about habits). A great example of this is how men conduct themselves when they are drunk vs when they aren't drunk in the presence of a female. If men obsess over...
Alcohol is for LOSERS
I don't necessarily agree, even tho I personally don't drink myself. I think alcohol is a necessary social lubricant for the depressed and introverted people among us who feel like they can't handle a...